My main differentiator is that I invest a lot of time and focus to really understand where you are with your product and your marketing strategy in order to recommend and action the right things.

I want to provide tangible, sustainable results to you in a way that enables you to build on the building blocks that I have put in place. I usually follow five steps:


Research & Analysis

I typically sit down with you to understand your needs, your market and your customer in great detail. Every business is different and a fresh perspective from the outside helps. If I don’t understand your specifc challenge I won’t be able to help you effectively. Therefore, as well as talking to my network of experts I am going talk to your customers to understand your value proposition inside out and get an intuitive feel for the unique problem you are solving.



Cohesive Strategy

Once I have identified your most important challenges and opportunities we sit down together and create a high-level business plan by prioritising the most important and most urgent initiatives particularly in sales, finance, marketing, technology and customer service to make sure everyone and everything is focused on clear goals.



Identifying the right Targets

Most products and services solve a problem incredibly well for a small number of highly engaged and profitable customers. These customers are very valuable and often recommend the product or the service to other potential clients. I will run you through a process that identifies these customers and creates the right leads to address.



Leveraging My Networks

Through my own network of over 25,000 digital influencers I am able to help you to quickly identify potential leads that have the potential to become loyal customers. From finding leads, to partners to opportunities for product placement I can use my contacts to give you a head start and enable you to test your Go-To-Market strategy early..



Constantly improving the business process

Once we identified the right customers and how to acquire them as leads we need to turn these insight into a scalable lead and sales process. I will help you to fine tune your sales operations and tie your sales team results to financial performance. We then connect this to customer feedback about the product and the service and create positive recommendations about your proposition so that this process becomes sustainable.

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